The Southern Spectre Podcast

Welcome to the Southern Spectre Podcast! Here in the South we like to take our time and slow things down to a snail’s pace especially when enjoying good company, a laid back Sunday drive, or a fine glass of bourbon. So please pull up a chair and sit a spell while I tell you some of the South’s most hauntingly good tales along with some of the more modern day horrors thrown in the mix. Y’all come back real soon now!

Murdaugh Murder Case Update/A Developing Missing Hiker Case The Southern Spectre Podcast – Strange Tales & Legends

Hello everyone and welcome to a Southern Spectre Podcast special report with an update on the Murdaugh Family Murders!  It's been a wild ride with this case from day 1 but I feel with the most recent events that this case is heading in a downward spiral and it'll only be a matter of time before secrets are revealed and skeletons are out of the closet.  So please join me for this special episode of The Southern Spectre Podcast…Pull up a chair, settle in and cozy up! Southern Spectre Merch Southern Spectre Facebook Southern Spectre Instagram Intro "The Gates" written, recorded and composed by Warren Peay – Follow Warren on Tik Tok @warrenpeay All other music written, composed, and recorded by MYUU – Search MYUU on Youtube and Soundcloud — Send in a voice message:
  1. Murdaugh Murder Case Update/A Developing Missing Hiker Case
  2. The Murdaugh Family Murders – Murder In The Lowcountry
  3. "The One With All The Poltergeists" – The Southern Spectre Podcast
  4. Interview with Spiritual Healer & Podcast Host of "Spiritual Alchemy Energy" Julie Smulson
  5. The Southern Spectre's Handbook to Catching Ghosts!!!


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