The Psychosocial Distancing Podcast

A book read/podcast where two social psychologists go through open source psychology text books and offer commentary and real world application on each topics. Sometimes with special guests!!!

Episode 59: Sex, Drugs, and Retrograde Amnesia? Psychosocial Distancing

As a note: This podcast/discussion will contain some sensitive topics and discussion of a number of illnesses. Listener discretion is advised. Episode 59 of our book read/podcast covering major topics in various fields of psychology moves us into COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY! And while there is no book (no viable open source ones exist) we plan to go through the core areas of cognition, memory, and more. This season, joining us is Dr. Alyssa Jones to act as our cognitive guide through the world outside of our social bubble. This episode we discuss more MEMORY and delve into the loss of memory with AMNESIA. Retrograde (past memory loss) and Anterograde (no new memories) in the context of medical research and regarding drug use and some other connections. Textbook: PSD Website: Thomas' Webpage: Thomas' Twitter: Daniel's Twitter: Kahneman and Tversky™ Bias of the Week: The Availability Heuristic
  1. Episode 59: Sex, Drugs, and Retrograde Amnesia?
  2. Episode 58: Maybe It's OK to Sin
  3. Episode 57: Guns, Rubber Chickens, and Attention
  4. Episode 56: Hallucinations
  5. Episode 55: Case Studies in Cognitive Neuroscience


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