The Psychosocial Distancing Podcast

A book read/podcast where two social psychologists go through open source psychology text books and offer commentary and real world application on each topics. Sometimes with special guests!!!

Episode 45: The Replication Crisis? Psychosocial Distancing

Episode 45 of our book read/podcast covering open-source textbooks and other topics to act as a free supplement topics on psychology. We move into a Flex/Summer discussion on a number of topics as we gear up for Season 3: Cognitive Psychology. In this episode we discuss the “replication crisis”. What is it, what causes it, what is the real issues influencing this “crisis”. All that and more on the publication process and research in psychology. PSD Website: Thomas' Webpage: Thomas' Twitter: Daniel's Twitter: Journal in Support of the Null Hypothesis: Bias of the Week: Attentional Bias
  1. Episode 45: The Replication Crisis?
  2. Episode 44: Kellogg and Audio Issues
  3. Episode 43: Vigilante Gender Violence
  4. Episode 42: The Inconvenience Sample
  5. The Intersection of Psychology and Intersectionality


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