The Psychosocial Distancing Podcast

A book read/podcast where two social psychologists go through open source psychology text books and offer commentary and real world application on each topics. Sometimes with special guests!!!

Episode 91: We're a Cooking Podcast Now…No? Then I guess it's Retractions? Psychosocial Distancing

Episode 91 of our book read/podcast covering major topics in various fields of psychology moves us into RESEARCH METHODS! New open-source book and a split semester, with Interviews and discussions on as many types of research types as we can fit in. In this episode we are honestly at the end of a semester, there are fires outside our town, the university is closing…we need a break. And how do we break? Well, we talk aout retractions and shady research. This episode is half positive, with Thomas discussing a retraction caught early and half terrible, with a trip down years of plagiarism, allegations, and more for a history professor and our favorite union busting university, Columbia! Textbook: PSD Website: Thomas' Webpage: Thomas' Twitter: Daniel's Twitter: Bias of the Week: Recency Illusion
  1. Episode 91: We're a Cooking Podcast Now…No? Then I guess it's Retractions?
  2. Episode 90: PSD With a Twist: Can We Fix It? (Burnout Pt. 2)
  3. Episode 89: PSD With a Twist: Burnout, Rejection, and Coping
  4. Episode 88: Sports, Sex, and Shady Science
  5. Episode 87: Psychology is Fractured…and Maybe That’s OK w/Dr. Christopher Green


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