Po’Cast: A New Orleans Podcast

Trey, E.Y. & Dean discuss the depiction of New Orleans in Film, Television and other forms of Media. See what films get right and wrong about the Big Easy – from a locals perspective.
Join us – but don't tell mama – as we find out why alligators are ornery, settle the debate between water & Gatorade and break down offensive Cajun stereotypes in this week's episode! Mama always said, "Podcasts are the devil!". Music & Sound Effects provided by StoryBlocks.com Intro: Gator Stew (sting) Outro: Gator Stew Ad Music: Down in New Orleans Title Card created with Adobe Illustrator by E.Y. Follow us on Instagram & Facebook @pocastnolapodcast Or on Twitter @pocastnola — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/pocastnolapodcast/support
  1. The Waterboy
  2. Stolen
  3. Po'Cast: A Star Wars Story – "This is the May" Holiday Special
  4. Ghost of New Orleans
  5. Hard Target (1993)


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