Po’Cast: A New Orleans Podcast

Trey, E.Y. & Dean discuss the depiction of New Orleans in Film, Television and other forms of Media. See what films get right and wrong about the Big Easy – from a locals perspective.
Join us – Trey, Dean & E.Y. – as we go along for a joyride with Jon Favreau and discuss the 2014 feel good film "Chef". Delicious food, good writing and calling in favors from your friends are the only things you need to turn this recipe into the perfect movie! Music & Sound Effects provided by StoryBlocks.com Intro: Gator Stew (sting) Outro: Gator Stew Ad Music: Down in New Orleans Title Card created with Adobe Illustrator by E.Y. Follow us on Instagram & Facebook @pocastnolapodcast Or on Twitter @pocastnola — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/pocastnolapodcast/support
  1. Chef
  2. Nightwatch: New Orleans
  3. Dracula 2000
  4. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
  5. Season 2 Finale


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