Trey Plays Marvel’s Avengers

Avengers Reassembled

Marvel’s Avengers

After releasing Terrigen gas in San Francisco, turning ordinary citizens Inhuman and leading to the death of a beloved hero, the Avengers are no more. It’s up to young Inhuman Kamala Khan to reunite Earth’s disgraced mightiest heroes to combat AIM and put a stop to their inhumane Inhuman experiments. A co-op action RPG, Marvel’s Avengers let’s fans play as a handful of their favorite character from Marvel comics in a unique story separate from the MCU films. Dropping players into individual maps to fight bad guys and find gear to help rebuild the Avengers and SHIELD, the gameplay is fun and action packed. However, the story is short and is followed by repetitive missions, and undelivered new characters and DLC causes Avengers to be pushed out of gamers minds so that when a new character is released, no one cares.

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