The Lodge (2019)

Very few horror movies leave me staring blankly at the screen as the credits roll, but 2019’s The Lodge had my mind scrambling to process what I had just watched. This movie takes you on a journey of true psychological horror with an ending so unexpected that you’re left questioning the entirety of what you just witnessed. I watched it with no information or knowledge of the movie beforehand and I’m glad I did.

I can’t review this truly without giving spoilers so please only proceed once you’ve seen the movie.

Not a single character in this movie was redeemable in any way and that my be part of what makes this movie so horrifying. While Grace did not deserve the horror she went through in that lodge, she knowingly broke up a marriage where children were involved and was the catalyst that resulted in their mother’s suicide. Perhaps she was preyed upon by the father, Richard, who met Grace while he was writing a book about a suicide cult where she was the only survivor. We are never told how their relationship came to be, just that it happened during the writing of the book, and was the direct result of Richard leaving Laura, his wife and mother of his children. Though, who knew that those children could turn out to be so fucking vengeful?

One major red flag for that is probably the fact that their father is so goddamn awful. He seems to give no actual shit about his children’s feelings, especially after his wife’s suicide. The children don’t want anything to do with Grace and their father insists on forcing togetherness even during their first holidays without their mom.

All this culminated into some truly fucked up children who were capable of some of the most terrifying things I’ve seen in a while. I was left questioning what was happening during the entire movie and the end left me truly unsettled. I’m not sure I could personally stomach watching it again but it was a good horror movie. 4/5

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