Trey Plays Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

The biggest update in Bioware’s Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is the first game of the series. At the time of it’s original launch, the mechanics for Mass Effect were clunky and frustrating, dragging down a fantastic story. Now remastered, Mass Effect’s gameplay feels smoother, closer to the quality of Mass Effect 2 and 3. While the following games don’t have updated mechanics, the graphics do get a boost, down to the smallest details like seeing the different fabrics of each character’s outfit, along with implementing all of the gear and mission DLC that many players may not have gotten for their original game. Thankfully, the ME:LE should be considered a success for BioWare, who has delivered disappointment after disappointment over the past few years. It’s also a relief to the gaming community as we received the game we were expecting, even if it’s a game we already loved. Now we get to revisit Shepard’s story in shiny new packaging.

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