Trey Plays The Banner Saga Trilogy

The gods are dead, the sun has stopped, and the fate of the world rests on the decisions of Rook, a humble caravan leader, and his growing community. The Banner Saga trilogy tells a story based on Norse mythology full of giants, magic, centaurs, and a world gone mad. A simple game split into two parts; an on going narrative where you make decisions that affect the size of your caravan and your supplies, where any decision could cost you dearly, and the strategy combat encounters set on tiled sets of varying size and difficulty of maneuverability. This simplicity is a blessing and a curse to Banner Saga as it’s easy enough to understand and master, but within a long series the combat becomes almost tedious and serves as more of an annoying distraction from the narrative than any engaging challenge. While the story is excellent, the decisions you make, even the smallest and simplest, seem to come with great consequences, regardless if you choose to act selflessly and help all you can, or selfishly only caring about your caravan. While the consequences force you to overthink every decision, it ultimately seems like every choice you make is somehow the wrong one, which begins to make every choice a drag, feeling like you can’t win.

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