Trey Plays Mass Effect 3

The reapers are here. In Shepard’s final fight to save the galaxy from the reaper threat, #MassEffect3 stays true to the formula of its predecessor #MassEffect2 with strong cover shooting and an engaging story, upgrading only a few mechanics in terms of melee combat. Though while it brings many of its over arching narratives to satisfying ends, based on your decisions, the game fails to deliver in its final moments, offering a mediocre ending; not bad, but also not that good. Despite #Bioware retroactively improving some plot points with free #DLC, it couldn’t fix the damage that was done, especially after a disastrous DLC controversy over #EA appearing to take out parts of the original game to sell back to players as day one content. Fortunately, ME3 also offered a brand new cooperative multiplayer mode that was applauded by even the most committed solo gamers, like myself, and is still active today.

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